Here are our two favorite songs we recorded for a Peel Session a few years back. John Peel RIP.

Long Division
The Walk

We stepped off the train in Stockholm after 24 hours in Göteborg and went straight to Swedish radio, suitcases and all. We performed three songs for Hanna Fahl's show P3 Pop, here are two of them, "Through the Swells" and "The Walk". There is a short interview with Wyatt and Amy following "Through the Swells."

"Fire Engines" recorded in Houston on Sept 19th, 2003. We opened up for the great band The Ex that night.

"Mary's Song" recorded at The Majestic Theater in Detroit on November 17th, 2003.

Aden's beautiful country-tinged interpretation of "Red Door" that was included on the The Amos House Collection, Vol II.

The first time "Balcony" was performed live sometime in 2001, note the different lyrics and other subtle differences from what eventually appeared on HILTWB.

We learned "Walked in Line" by Joy Division for our session with John Peel. This version was recorded at one of our most favorite shows ever at Tantogarden in Stockholm on Apr 19th 2001.

This untitled and unrecorded song was done during a string break, hence the very funny & memorable string sounds coming from Amy. The first and only time that this song was played.

Our friends, the fantastic Glasgow band Camera Obscura, covered "Chicago, New York" live in December of 2001.

External Media

MP3's made available by Slumberland:

Terrible Things Happen

The Last Match

How I Learned To Write Backwards

An April 21st, 2000 video interview by Insound, filmed in a stairway at NYU.