Terrible Things Happen The Last
Match How I Learned To
Write Backwards


Been Hiding/Fire Engines Split with Poundsign Wedding split with
with The How Split
with The Fairways Christmas Single
Attraction Action Reaction/Clouds Will Clear The Red Door Mission Bells

Full Length

How I Learned To Write Backwards LP/CD (LP on Slumberland, CD on Suicide Squeeze)

The Last Match LP/CD (Slumberland)
(Also released in Japan on Minty Fresh Japan (with Terrible Things Happen bonus CD), the LP in the U.K. on 555, the CD in the U.K. on Fortuna Pop! and in Australia on Lost and Lonesome)

Terrible Things Happen LP/CD (Slumberland)


The Red Door/Summers Reprise/Warm Girls (Slumberland)
(Also released in the U.K. on Fortuna Pop! with larger sized image on cover)

Action, Attraction, Reaction/Clouds will Clear (Suicide Squeeze)

Hey Lover split 7" with The How (Slumberland/555)

Yeh, Yeh, Yeh split 7" with The Fairways (Chocolate Bars and Crashing Cars/Yakimashi)

X-Mas Single (one-sided) (Slumberland)

Been Hiding/Fire Engines (Slumberland)

Not Too Young to Get Married split 7" w/ Poundsign (Fantastic)

The Walk split 7" with Poundsign (Slumberland)


A House Full of Friends - "Untitled" (Magic Marker)

Chickfactor Compilation - "Summer's Reprise" (Chickfactor)

Group Soundtrack - "Hit the Snow" & "Bang, Bang, Bang" (YoYo Recordings/Wovie)

Fields and Streams Compilation - "Through the Swells" (Kill Rock Stars)
(This version is different from the album)

Amos House Collection II - "Sara's Song" (Wishing Tree)

Charm Soundtrack - "Action, Attraction, Reaction" (5RC)

These Are Testing Times compilation "Friends of the Heroes" (555)

Wish, Walk and Peel - "Not Too Young to Get Married" (Minty Fresh Japan compilation vol. 2)

A Boy, A Girl & A Rendez-vous - "Hit the Snow" (Red Roses for Me)

A Christmas Gift from ... - "Xmas song" (Fortuna Pop!)

Beikoku Ongaku volume 11 - "Fire Engines" (Beikoku Ongaku)

Beikoku Ongaku volume 16 - "Market Station" (Beikoku Ongaku)

14 All-time Favorites tape - "I've been Mistreated" (Tell-a-friend)
(This version is different from the album)